Exciting outdoor activities in the Zillertal.


Deeply incised mountain gorges with water surging through them, often just a few metres wide, are witness to the power of water over the past millennia.


Equipped with a special wetsuit, sturdy shoes, helmet, lifebelt and climbing harness, there will be an extensive briefing before the tour.


Hiking & Climbing Biking & Swimming Winter in the Zillertal

High Rope Course Zemmschlucht in Zillertal


The high rope course is located in the middle of a forest, in the Zemmschlucht Gorge between Mayrhofen and Ginzling and has been constructed around natural trees to fit in with the natural environment. The rope course was designed and built in its entirety by our mountain guides according to the latest European rope course specifications.


3 zip lines of 120 metres in length enable you to move from station to station, or get back down to the forest floor.


High rope courses in the area

Paragliding & Hanggliding


Many people are attracted by the fascination of flying, whether as free flyers or as a tandem passenger with an experienced pilot. Paragliding and hang-gliding are possible all-year in the Zillertal, because every season has its own attraction!


Anyone who would like to enjoy gliding through the air can take a comfy seat and be surprised by the caprioles of the professional.


On a real thermal flight, things often go higher, in pretty spirals, cows fly past, or vice versa, small pockets of turbulence swirl the tandem team higher, the pilot and string-puller steers the bloated canopy onto the desired track and before the passenger knows it, they are sitting on the seat of their pants again, this time after landing in the soft grass.


Paragliding was invented by mountaineers: having endured a tough climb, they didn’t want to sacrifice the feeling of elation to a tiring descent and transformed it into a new feeling of happiness – the dream of flying for everyone.


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